Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sticky Fingers

Sorry for the recent laziness. This post will be lazy because I'm lazy. Firstly - I chucked this awesome instrumental Escape From New York edit by DJs In The Sky in that latest mix of mine and it got a stack of interest. So here you go. Take my gem, I don't care. Would definitely recommend hitting up the other Disco Exotique records if you can find them, a real record bag staple.

Escape From New York - Save Our Love (D.I.T.S. Dub) [buy]

Who remembers this killer Ashley Beedle tune from a few years back? Man I loved this track. Just rediscovered it the other day as the sun was roasting my loins. I really hope this summer is HOT!

Ashley Beedle - The Balloon Room [buy]

The latest in the Popular People's Front Limited Series is a real corker. Seriously frothing on the bass in this tune. Slightly squelchy, very chubby. Stupid vocoder. Real party styling! Another great record, that's no surprise.

The Popular People's Front - Party Over Here [buy]

Humid nights mean plenty of Eddie C playing on the stereo. Another great cut off his 2009 Jiscomusic release, You're Welcome, which was a massive fave of mine last year. If you missed this a couple of summers ago don't worry, it's still super fresh!

Eddie C - Let Your Mind Be Free [buy]

So I'm thinking of starting up this podcast business this week, although I just realised I don't seem to have any kind of microphone anywhere so it may be sans commentary for now. Can anyone recommend a really good and easy way of doing it? Keeping in mind I've got plenty of server space. Might just put it on SoundCloud to gauge a response before I bother setting too much up.

Oh also, we got our Midnight Savari test pressings yesterday (they sound HOT!) so not long now until DSR002 will hit the shelves! Woop!