Tuesday 19 July 2011

Hi Jay

Heaps tired ay brothers and sisters, shall we keep it concise? Yes. So I picked up this early Dimitri From Paris EP the other week which is really lovely. This is a particularly nice cut. It reminds me of something Dimitri From Paris would do, all French and that. Get yo lounge vibe on. Thanks.

Dimitri From Paris - Free Ton Style [buy]

I could do with a bit of a Sleep D right now. Yes indeed these Melbourne lads are killing me softly right now. This one is great, the bass is all like 'bwummmmmmmrr' and the kick is all like 'boof boof' and somehow all those things come together just fine. If I was to label this music with a genre, I would call it 'Good'. If I was to invent a genre that this sounds nothing like, it would be 'Shitcore'.

Sleep D - Mazes

This wonderful little Doctor Stereo seven inchy on the ultra-marvellous Names You Can Trust is a really happy thing. It's all cumbia and stuff - there's this piano that blings and blongs and plods and plonks, rumbly wumbly drums, all these fun percussive things that do all kinds of nice sounds that it would be fun to try and type out but then again that sounds like a lot of effort. And there's this woo-woo little synth thingy like a computer game siren that's great to look out for. A+

Doctor Stereo - La Cumbia Perdida [buy]

Goodness me this Haules Baules track woke me up. When that big butch bassline comes in you turn to your pal or you look in your mirror if you don't have any pals and you make this face that's like 'aw yeahhhh dude' which is sorta 15% surprise, 65% pleasure and 20% miscellaneous and you start nodding your head and probably punching the air. Make sure you have sufficient space to do that or you could hurt yourself or somebody else. Go to work and earn money then come home and spend that money on buying the good records like this one.

Haules Baules - Hit Me Slowly [buy]

Also peep your peepers on this biz going on at LN-CC - old mate Mark Seven (aka GOD) is selling some rekkids and doing some jockeying and stuff instore. This goodness will be up online over four weeks I believe so get ya credit cards out and start weeping. Checkit here. See you guys in bed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx