Tuesday 13 September 2011

Mike Sleepinetti

Gooooooood shit happening this weekend peoples. Friday night we're partying with monsieur Mike Simonetti down at GoodGod. His last visit was fucking brilliant and no less is expected from this party. Clickety click the flyer for tickety ticks.

Here's a superfab exclusive mix Mike did for his trip down under. Enjoy, it's one tasty morsel!

Mike Simonetti Exclusive Picnic Australia Tour 2011 Mix by Picnic Touring & Events

Then on Sunday we've got our Melbourne mates Sleep D popping up to spin at Hunky Dory where we've taken our end of week shindig back to being monthly. We can focus our efforts and cram 4 weeks of party into one which is top news. Hover your cursor over the flyer and press the left button on your mouse quickly. If you have a Mac just use the big block button thing.

I already popped this bad boy in the last Delishcast but it's easily one of my favourite tracks of the year and it's well worth a double share, especially to convince you cats to come check it out on Sunday. Major bravo Sleep D. Note the forecast for Sunday is 27 and sunny :)))))

Chet Faker - Love and Feeling (Sleep D Remix)

And here are a couple of other beauties to brighten up your week. An uplifting acoustic strummer with a sunny psychedelic folk vibe Smokie track (of which an edit by Abel is showcased in a killer Tako mix for Noncollective) and a strange but wonderful percussive island dream by Eddie Hooper recorded in 1980 and recently released on Soundway Recordings - make sure you're drinking out of a coconut and swinging in a hammock for this one. Both beautiful springtime gems!

Smokey - We're Flyin' High

Eddie Hooper - Tomorrow's Sun [buy]

See you lovely people this weekend! x


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