Saturday, 23 June 2007

Daft Bonanza!

Sorry guys, rather than reupload this stack of files every time a hosting company decides they don't like me, i'll just link you to Kiyoshi's more comprehensive collection of DP live sets. I know when i'm beat :p

Check it out here

The following text is now a lovely waste of space:

And now, for your listening pleasure, I present (almost) every Daft Punk live/radio set I could find between 1996 and 2002. It includes two appearances on Radio 1, an early live set from March '96 (which is very poor quality I'm sorry, but it's a great insight into pre-Homework DP) and a fantastic set with DJ Sneak in Ibiza, 2000. I'll take this time to apologise if any of the info or dates of the sets are incorrect, as it was quite tough to get a hold of any details, so please feel free to correct me on anything. Also, I didn't add in the Alive 1997 album or Live @ The Rex Club '97, since they're both relatively easy to find. In fact, if you don't already own a copy of Alive 1997, then get it here before your life gets any lonelier! Here they are in chronological order:

Daft Punk - Live @ Even Further, 1996
Daft Punk - Radio 1 Essential Mix, 1997 - Part 1
Daft Punk - Radio 1 Essential Mix, 1997 - Part 2
Daft Punk - Fun Radio, 1997
Daft Punk - Live @ Twilo, 1998
Daft Punk - Live @ Cameo Theatre Miami, 1999
Daft Punk - Radio 1 Essential Selection, NYE 1999
Daft Punk & DJ Sneak - Live @ El Divinio Ibiza, 2000
Daft Punk - Live @ Radio Siglo 21, 2002

Phew! Nearly 9 hours of Frenchy goodness. Go get 'em, tiger!

And... sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry and a million sorries for posting a MySpace rip, but I find this song ridiculously irresistable and MUST share it, whatever the quality! Just surfacing in the last couple of days is Mr. Oizo's remix of 'Merrymaking At My House' by Calvin Harris and as far as I'm concerned it is the shit! It's certainly one of Oizo's grooviest works. See for yourself!

Calvin Harris - Merrymaking At My Place (Mr. Oizo Remix) [MySpace Rip]

Again... sorry for the rip :\


riffraph said...

awesome stuff. thanks for the DP mega-post! makes this sydney winter bearable!

andy webb said...

i suggest catching ghettoruckus dj's at ruby rabbit this friday to keep you toasty for the weekend :)

Anonymous said...

awesome, thanks for the oizo/harris rip!

scout said...

holy shit - this post is epic - cant wait for their show in LA in july!!! they have to come to aus - have to...

Anonymous said...

thanks for this fabulous post

Anonymous said...

That Radio Siglo show is also known as Decks N'Drums N'909. As it's not even on Discogs I wonder why it's named that way, but it has much better quality and a tracklisting.

Anonymous said...

Daft, The Rapture, and Ed Banger are throwing surprise after party's during the tour, not sure what cities, hope there is one in ny!

Anonymous said...

I've had the Daft Essential Selection NYE for years now and I've always wondered what song comes after the 'greatest dancer' mix at around 9:00 in my copy ... it sounds like a remix of'daddy's favorite' i feel for you... I'm not sure what it is though? It's been an endless search!

Anonymous said...

what's so bad about myspace rips?

Anonymous said...

I'll add some dates:
Live @ Even Further, Wisconsin - 26-05-1996
Radio 1 Essential Mix - 02-03-1997
Fun Radio - 13-12-1997
Live @ Twilo - 16-10-1998
Live @ Cameo Theatre Miami - 13-03-1999
Radio 1 Essential Selection New Years Eve 1999 - This one is Part II, Part I is missing
Daft Punk & DJ Sneak - Live @ El Divinio Ibiza - this set actually takes place in '98, not 2000; (but they also played on Ibiza in 2000, but that's not this set)
Live @ Radio Siglo 21 - 19-03-2002
That's all I think:-)
BTW thanks for sets

Ed said...

Wow... I felt parts of my mind reintegrating....

Even Further 1996

That was aeons



Anonymous said...

how do i actually download these? they are just opening in quicktime format and playing.....

Anonymous said...

Great collection

If you didnt notice Radio 1 had some "Essential mix - classics" the first was the old Daft Punk Essential mix from 1997

Anonymous said...

I believe your track titled "Daft Punk - Live @ Radio Siglo 21, 2002" is actually the Live @ Fabric 2001 show. To my understanding a lot of the torrents got misnamed and tracks differed slightly.

Dr. Awesome said...

i know it's almost a year on, and i'm really sorry to bother you (i'm sure this is a chore) but i can't actually get at any of the MP3s you've linked to. They all throw up 403 Forbidden errors. Please please please could you re-upload them? Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

tried to click on these links and got an error message. can you re-up them? Links are broken! :(

cul said...

would be great if you could re-upload the radio 1 mixes, i wanted to put them on my server.

Riga said...

Is the even further set the one thats figured on Youtube where the footage contain both of the guys?

Anonymous said...

Hey mixes are down. Can you fix them please? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hey ;)

Could you please tell me how I could access those fantastic live mixes again?

That would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance...


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...
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Zack said...

Would be excellent if you could re-upload the stereo 1 blends, i desired to put them on my server. linkedin

Usama shaikh said...

The other track on the record. Killer disco sounds with an Emperor twist. Ungagged

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