Friday 29 June 2007

Plenty To See Here!

Got some great tunes to share today! First up, Pirate Robot Midget - 3 talented musicians/producers from Italy, The Netherlands and France - were kind enough to send along some goodies, including their remix of 'B-Attack' by Jumi which was love at first sight. Expect more great in-your-face dirty dance tunes on their debut album due in a few months time.

Jumi - B-Attack (Pirate Robot Midget Remix)

Mathematikal - BLKMGK (Pirate Robot Midget Remix)

Now perhaps I've just finally snapped, but after years of feeling nothing but disappointment and hatred for Daft Punk's extremely... similar remix of 'Take Me Out', I've done a complete 180 and quite often see it jumping onto my record player. Something about the way that funky syncopated strutting guitar seems to stick out and drive the song a bit more and the (deafeningly obvious yet somehow subtle?) build from that trademark Daft Punk 'noise' just draws me in. Is the nuthouse the next step for me? Either way, I've always felt passionate about the song, whether negatively or positively, so at very least it should evoke some kind of emotion for you. Bashings welcome.

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Daft Punk Remix)

The long awaited EP from The Toxic Avenger looks like it should be coming out shortly, which is very exciting news. His sour apple flavoured crunchy electro synths are a treat on the dance floor, and the new tunes definitely still fit that vibe. He'll hit Australian shores in September for two Sydney shows which should be insane! Have a listen to the new tracks on his MySpace, but he has sent a special little present - some sexy remixes and another new track I've not seen elsewhere. Thanks Toxie!

The Toxic Avenger - Stage Diving

Dragonette - Take It Like A Man (The Toxic Avenger Remix)

And finally, The Freelance Hellraiser from the UK has been pumping out some very hot music, and sent by some to sample which I'm sure you'll enjoy. I'm a total sucker for cut up vocals, so his remix of 'Vista Countdown' gets an instant thumbs up, whilst 'Can't Hide' is an electro funk jam that makes for a great soundtrack to a mean strut down the main street in the city, hair brushed back doing a Fonzie style point at the impressed-looking foxes.

Dolby Anol - Vista Countdown (The Freelance Hellraiser Remix)

The Freelance Hellraiser - Can't Hide (feat. Jan Hammer)

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

delicious finds indeed.....

Anonymous said...

wow! where have this pirate robot midget been hiding until now???? top notch!

Anonymous said...

Glad I found this blog...Just thought I'd share some cool info and music, Dr. Dog is giving away a free song to download every week for the rest of the summer, here it is if you want to check it out:

Anonymous said...

Very good tracks here !

You're in my blogroll !

Thanx a lot for Daft Punk's essential mix.

Check my blog :

IWishIHadAMoog said...

Thanks for Daft Punk remix! I've been meaning to get around to that track. Daft Punk's subtle take to "Take Me Out" is a welcome addition to an already outstanding song!

andy said...

awesome stuff, really lovin these older posts...dono if you heard the jan hammer edit we did a while back, if ya want

feel free to repost it

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