Thursday, 21 June 2007

Don't Be Alarmed

Just checking out some new hosting, and seeing if the Hype Machine is happy to talk to it. Besides, it's a great track, so I'm not wasting anybody's time :)

Para One - Club Hoppin (Small Saul Re-Edit)

Oh, and shit, this tune makes me want to dance!! It's a bit cheesy, but I feel the proper application of cheese can be tres cool - great work by Chris Lake.

Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen - Oh My God (Chris Lake Remix)

Keep your e-eyes peeled for a Daft Punk live set frenzy, covering 1996 to 2002, which should be happening some time in the next few days once I get everything uploaded.


rutledge said...

awesome post

look at my latest ronson post.

Anonymous said...

thx for this new version of Club Hoppn !!!

Anonymous said...


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