Friday 29 June 2007

Nothing To See Here...

This post is just to have all my old tunes listed on the Hype Machine - yes, it's a weak move to get some more traffic. But who can blame me for wanting to spread the love far and wide? Perpahs you can, but I don't want to hear it. Who knows, maybe you'll spot something you've been looking for? Anyway, instead of writing anything about these tracks, I'll just link to their original posts.
Note: I've removed the direct links from this post, so you'll have to wade through words about the artists if you want to grab their songs in their original posts. That's only fair, right?

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (D.I.M Remix) [post]
Neon Plastix - On Fire [post]
Neon Plastix - Dream [post]
Speaker Junk - Foxxy (Switch Remix) [post]
Freeform Five - No More Conversations (Switch Remix) [post]
Bugge Wesseltoft - Oh Ye [post]
Bugge Wesseltoft - Live in Amiens [post]
The Black Ghosts - Face [post]
The Black Ghosts - Any Way You Choose To Give It (Fake Blood Remix) [post]
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Yadnus [post]
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Sweet Life [post]
Goose - Bring It On [post]
Goose - 3T4 [post]
The Presets - Cookie [post]
Bag Raiders - EP Medley [post]
The Teenagers - Homecoming (Guns'N'Bombs Remix) [post]
Punks Jump Up - Dance To Our Disco (Baseball Furies Remix) [post]
Digitalism - Magnets [post]
Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Plus Move Pirate Remix) [post]
Kavinsky - Wayfarer (Plus Move Remix) [post]
MBG & SDS - New Jack (Steve Angello Remix) [post]
SebastiAn - Walkman (Insane Edit) [post]
Mika - Love Today (Switch Remix) [post]
Shesus - Debbie's Shoes (SebastiAn Remix) [post]
SebastiAn - Head/Off (Faex Rework) [post]
Daft Punk - Burnin' (Ian Pooley Cut Up Mix) [post]
Justice feat. Uffie - The Party [post]
Dragonette - I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) [post]
Midnight Juggernauts - Road To Recovery (Miami Horror Remix) [post]
The Presets - Down Down Down (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) [post]
Sexual Earthquake In Kobe - Dance Music (The Toxic Avenger Remix) [post]
The Toxic Avenger - Superheroes [post]
Justice - Stress [post]
Simian Mobile Disco - Love [post]
Simian Mobile Disco - Wooden [post]
The Rapture - WAYUH (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) [post]
DJ Mehdi - Signature (ZZZ Remix) [post]
Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Kavinsky Remix) [post]
Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Guns'N'Bombs Freakout Remix) [post]
The Chemical Brothers - Do It Again (feat. Ali Love) [post]
The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (feat. Fatlip) [post]
Fields - If You Fail We All Fail (SebastiAn Remix) [post]
Mika - Love Today (Spoon Remix) [post]
Justice - Waters of Nazareth (The Underwater Adventures of Ghettoruckus Rerub) [post]
Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Fake Blood Remix) [post]
Cassius - Rock No. 1 (K I M Remix) [post]
SOx - Can I Speak To (Plus Move Remix) [post]
Ghettoruckus DJ's - Alphabet [post]
Headland - Dogging Sisters (Blamma! Blamma! Remix) [post]
Death From Above 1979 - Blood On Our Hands (Justice Remix) [post]
New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (Herve Goes Bananas Remix) [post]
Goose - Bring It On (MSTRKRFT JFK Remix) [post]
Goose - Bring It On (Acid Jacks Remix) [post]
Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy [post]
Benjamin Theves - Texas (SebastiAn Remix) [post]
Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen - Oh My God (Chris Lake Remix) [post]

Hate mail is welcome. Damn haters..


Anonymous said...

it worked with me!
I caught the toxic avenger remix on hype machine by pure luck, and i'm now browsing your list... wow, great music!!


2shy said...

Well..u Damn!! It work with me too. Greetins from Mexico City

Anonymous said...

Well... this is obviously cheating. Though I found a few songs I wanted, so I don't mind :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely found some gems in here, you can do this again sometime.

Anonymous said...

Dude! Awesome blog. I've found about a dozen songs I've heard in sets that I've been hard-pressed to track down.

Interpop said...

omg fantastic selection of songs! love your blog.

cheers from Singapore,

Anonymous said...

Nice, been looking for a copy of the SebastiAn Texas remix for a while! cheers!

Anonymous said...

awesome nu rave-rock selection ombre found allot of goodies i been looking for greetz from belgium keep the rezpect burning :) and BUY those tracks hehe cheerzzz

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I listened to 'em all, just for fun?

Yes is the answer...

Anonymous said...

Man oh Man! Thanks for the Link to the I get Around Remix. I have a question:
Do you know where I can find it, ie purchase it?
I followed the link to amazon and iTunes, but I could only find the original. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I heard it on Radio FG, and I'm obssesed.

If you are able, my email is:

Dizzietron (AKA Hadiza) said...

This is totally the type of thing I would do except the Hype Machine rejected my sorry Blog

Liam Elliott said...

I found you through the Finch Kids Blog Search.. thing.

Interesting stuff here.
Im doin what I call a Dancast. . which is a podcast of dance music. I get the music from all around and know some people who produce some.
Check it out if ya like. Dancast - "Dance All Night"


Anonymous said...

Its like you cut a slice of my brain and took all of the music i love out! amazing list man thanks for your words of wisdom!

Anonymous said...

what a shit blog. how lazy are you?

Anonymous said...

i am really glad you did this, it made a lot of things i have been looking for show up in searches again. Some of this is stuff you can't even pay for - it just plain doesn't exist outside your blog. Thanks again - j. hax.

Anonymous said...

a lot of these good tracks are played on French Kiss FM,

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