Sunday 21 December 2008

Love You

Buenos Aires is totally bueno. Been here for 4 full days and feel like I've done a month worth of stuff. Very cool city. Not sure how much time I'll have to yap on here, so I'm guessing most of these posts will be fairly brief. Sozski. Here are some songs from the vault.

So.... Everyone loves The Rapture. Both their albums are long time megafaves of mine and the older they get the fresher they get, I reckon. These are a few of my favourite dancified remixes. The DFA dub is a really slick reworking with some gorgeously constructed sounds, in true DFA style. The Tenderlions mix is probably my favourite of the lot - a totally classic song that gets blended up with a bit of clubby electro vibes and some funky bassline grooviness. I used to punish Ewan Pearson's mix on the decks way too often, kind of forgot about it for a while but giving it a good ipod revival now. It's a really cool version! And the Prince Language edit of Get Myself Into It is in for good measure, a more DJ friendly option of my personal 2006 (may or may not be correct year) summer anthem.

The Rapture - Sister Savior (DFA Dub)

The Rapture - House of Jealous Lovers (Tenderlions Remix)

The Rapture - I Need Your Love (Ewan Pearson 'Stay In School' Vocal Mix)

The Rapture - Get Myself Into It (Prince Language Disco Edit)

I wish I wasn't so useless at speaking spanish. Aside from asking for beer, counting to 6 and thanking people left right and center I'm pretty useless. Loving the size of beer servings here. And the weather. Not loving cinnamon on top of cappuccinos. What's with that? Seriously, worst combo.


Anonymous said...

hey andy, i was in BA last may and i hope you are enjoying it! Make sure to go to Palermo and recoleta for the cemetery whatnot (sure you did already). If you have a bunch of time in Argentina I really liked this tiny town called Barreal about a mile high in the Andes. Nothing to do but hike around, gaze at Aconcagua, and drink the most fantastic $2 bottles of wine in the universe.

Anonymous said...

where's the claude von stroke panty dropper mix of wayuh haha! good stuff here

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm new to this blog (first time, actually), but I'm from Uruguay (right next to Argentina) and you probably saw flyers for this at hostels or whatnot but make sure to at least find out if you can't go to the ZIZEK party because it is pretty much great and odd.

Also Nave Jungla "A party thrown by midgets for tall people" that's seriously the subtitle in spanish, a group of litttl people organized these parties a long time ago and they are really bizarre.

As far as DJs go, VillaDiamante is best.

Aaaand tourist-y things: there used to be a an art gallery called Belleza & Felicidad in Palermo but I think they got closed down because they couldn't pay the rent anymore, so this last sentence is kind of useless. I don't know, if you go to the West side (outside the city itself and into the Provincia de Buenos Aires, it's like 30 minutes by train) try Morón, where a bunch of good artists like Coiffeur, Aldo Benitez and Yicos perform.

I hope these pointers were helpful! Your blog is great.

Supermario said...

great thanks for the post
love disco delicous!!

Aidan said...

That wall looks well good. They have somthing similar in a club/bar in Manchester in England.
TAR DARRR....[1].jpg

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