Tuesday 17 March 2009

No Title For This One

Fork me I love Todd Terje. Fiercely. Picked up a copy of the new Dean Meredith (of Chicken Lips, here called Rogue Cat) single with his killer remix on the B side, I must share. When the bass launches the funk busts out and chugs along a solid groove. Really glad to see Tiny Sticks (Mock & Toof's label) is still in operation! The Lindstrom remix is a hair heavier and funkier with a bit more variety and progression. And the Prins Thomas mix is, like the name suggests, orgasmic. Ridiculously hip, Robert Plant samples and all. Lap it up.

Lindstrom - Another Station (Todd Terje Remix)

Todd Terje / Akwaaba - Bodies (Prins Thomas Orgasmatron Mix)

Rogue Cat - Magic Journey (Todd Terje Remix)

A couple more old tunes that were meant to be posted a while ago and weren't. Morgan Geist's take on House of Jealous Lovers is super hot; laid back and subtly pumping at the same time. I miss the vocals, but then maybe I don't. But I probably do. Just a bit. Anyway, the trumpet makes up for it. This old Chateau Flight remix is here for whoever wants it. I'm just as undecided on it. It's pretty nice, but then, is it really that nice? It probably is. Maybe it's a bit much, maybe not. Seriously, can't you just make up your own minds? :)

The Rapture - House of Jealous Lovers (Morgan Geist Version)

Dub Da Kitchek (Chateau Flight Remix) - Joakim

And one more for good measure. Beautiful work by Tim Sweeney and Tim Goldsworthy, glad to finally have this one in my record box. This 12" rip seems to be the only one going around and it skips at one point, but I wouldn't be able to get the same sound quality if I did it so... sorry. The B-side, their edit of Superstition by Stevie Wonder, is worth hearing too so buy the record! Ok maybe it's not as good as Terje's edit. Whatever. Stop hassling me.

Michael Jackson - Don't Stop (T&T Version)



VOULES said...

loving the Morgan Geist. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

i too share a fondness for the bespecaled norwegian disco god! saw him recently in bristol. really very good!!

Destro is Dusted said...

wish Terje would come to Toronto.......I can dream.
After Todd's edit of Superstition, why would anyone ever try to top that? Thanks for the choice tunes all the time.

Anonymous said...

All the downloadlinks seem not to work anymore and I would really like to here the chateau flight remix. :/

Unknown said...

are you sure? they all seem fine for me..

anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Dosent work for me either

Unknown said...

I'm having problems with all links as well. Love to hear more from Todd Terje!

andy webb said...

it looks like the server is at times dropping out... i don't know why or what's going on. it was working a moment ago for me and now it's not. i'll see if there's anything i can do about it but i guess try again in half an hour or something, i dunno. i can't offer a better solution than that at the moment :\

i'm hoping this will just fix itself very soon. sorry! hit up http://hypem.com/#/list/3364 if you want to preview what you can't have

Oskar Rough said...

It's working here right now =)

Anonymous said...

Great Selection of music, thanks - made a long car journey a treat.
Will be spinning a few of these this weekend

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