Tuesday 24 March 2009


Well, the new WhoMadeWho album is out. I'm tempted to lie, but after my first listen I have to admit I expected something more. It's still very good but lacks the energy, chunky arrangements and quirky edge their self-titled debut had. I'm hoping on second/third/tenth listen it'll blossom into some magical tasty Danish butter cookie. But not yet. The songs that caught my ear which might be blogworthy, aside from TV Friend and The Plot, are Motown Bizarre because it's still got that classic peculiar sound, and Keep Me In My Plane which is just good solid WMW light pop. And I guess the Munk edit of This Train which adds a bit of spice with chubby distortion. Perhaps I'm just clinging to the first album too much. It shouldn't be surprising that in 4 years they've changed their sound somewhat. That bass just isn't what it used to be...

WhoMadeWho - Motown Bizarre

WhoMadeWho - Keep Me In My Plane

WhoMadeWho - This Train (Munk Bonus Edit)

Let's move on to more positive things shall we? I've been punishing this mini-record for the last couple of weeks and it refuses to leave my stereo. Yes I'm pretty late with it, but a couple of years ago Bullion put together a fucking fantastic reworking of the Beach Boys' masterwork Pet Sounds as a tribute to J Dilla. I am in no way shape or form a fan of hip hop, I like virtually none, and this is certainly not hip hop in any traditional sense but the grooves and the extremely clever editing and arranging shoot this into a whole new galaxy of awesome. A lot of people say Bullion and The Avalanches in the same sentence. I still can't decide if I'm one of those people (I guess I just did though) but they're pretty much on the same level of kick ass. This is even more of a treat if you already love Pet Sounds, but I reckon a crucial listen for anyone who likes cool music!

Bullion - Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee

Um okay here's some more old stuff I need to offload for the sake of fleshing out this post. A splendid old Shit Robot remix (one of James Murphy's many partners in crime) featuring plenty of dicking around with different synths and the occasional dorky vocal. The Echologist track is super mega dubby, Salmonella Dub with bigger subs. Choof choof. The Faze Action tune is just a bit of silly space house. All in all nothing that special but there's some minutes of your day wasted if you need it.

Dondolo - Dragon (Shit Robot Remix)

Echologist - Faith (NY Mix)

Faze Action - Spark (Dub Mix) [removed by request]

And just because this song is eternally fantastic (cleaned up by Mr. Terje)

America - Horse With No Shame (Todd Terje Edit)

Playing at Fringe Bar on Oxford St tomorrow night for both Disco Delicious and Hobo Gestapo. And maybe Sosueme depending on how drunk things get. Observe the flyer and come say hello!


Anonymous said...

Your dislike of hiphop saddens me!

Dom Terrace said...

Way into 'Keep Me In My Plane', it's a funky chugger or maybe even a chunky fugger. Sorry to hear it isn't doing much for you, to be honest this is the first WhoMadeWho that has intersted me. To each their own, I guess.

andy webb said...

it's not that i'm not into it... i'm a little disappointed by the album, but i'm REALLY disappointed that i'm a little disappointed if that makes sense. i had very high expectations. it's still early days though, i might come around. fingers crossed.

benjimite said...

What time is the blog party open til? In town at the mo and would like to say gday tho am heading to bondi for free Tame Impala gig at the beach road hotel

Unknown said...

i think 2 or 3, not sure. at least until 2.

Anonymous said...

Must admit that I felt the same way about the new WMW album when I'd listen to it for the first time. But in the meantime I really love the album, I think it's more versatile and surprising than the first one (i.e. "I Lost My Voice", "Working After Midnight"). But I know your feeling. Same with the new In Flagranti album. I almost freaaked out when I got the promo copy and couldn't wait to hear it. At first I was kind of bummed a little bit, but the more you hear it, the better it gets. Often those are tracks / albums that last way longer.

Anyway, love your blog! Keep on the good work & all the best.

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