Friday 20 March 2009

Vegetable of the Month

Just a quicky today. Firstly, can I ask (not that I imagine this mumbo jumbo gets read much) that anyone sending music does it through my dropbox now pretty pretty please? As it stands I'm 1500+ emails behind and doubt I'll ever catch up so doing that makes everything HEAPS easier for me to listen to tunes being submitted. I feel really bad for having to neglect so many emails but there's just no way I can process it all. I do still love you though. All of you. Except SXSW. Fuck off with your 300 emails per day about nothing.

So anyway, at last a new Blackjoy remix has popped up. No surprises that it's a keeper. Really legit funk influences are still stuck right in there. The live-as-opposed-to-computeronized vibe puts them in a similar league as Escort, methinks. This tune in particular is really smooth and loungey. Enjoy with some kind of sparkling beverage. I also quite like the other remix on the release by The Phenomenal Handclap Band. Actually I probably wouldn't care what they made it sound like with a brilliant name like that. 10 awesome points awarded before first listen. Post-listen however, I'm happy to dish out more. Kinda similar mix, a tiny bit more glam disco ballish. Both are really easy going. Good stuff! The original by Bing Ji Ling isn't bad either.

Bing Ji Ling - Home (Blackjoy Dub)

Bing Ji Ling - Home (The Phenomenal Handclap Band Remix)

Been ripping into more In Flagranti because it's good for you. I missed the release of Sexx Piss Tool late last year but tardiness aside, quality music is still quality music. I'm Sorry, I'm Terribly Sensitive in particular really grabbed me. I'm sure I've heard it a few times before but couldn't name where. Typical Flagranti quirkiness, structure butchering and percussion+bassline groooove. A bit on the dirtier side. The older (and sensationally named) Vegetable of the Month is more... I don't know how I'd label it. I suppose it's nu disco. Whatever, it's In Flagranti, it's good. Listen.

In Flagranti - I'm Sorry, I'm Terribly Sensitive

In Flagranti - Vegetable of the Month

Enjoy your weekend dearest friends. Oh, since I'm quite out of the loop at the moment, can someone fill me in on some good nights in Sydney at the moment? Like... GOOD music?


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