Sunday, 29 March 2009


Love the plugs. This week coming should be a good one - Hugs (kinda the sequel to Bandits) is reeling in Perth sensation-boi Shazam for a big night this Friday at Nevermind, Sydney. I hear his sets are brilliantly eclectic and he's backed by Kato, Sleater Brockman and my old crush Sunday School. Gogogogo, should be an excellent night with excellent music in an excellent club. ALSO, tomorrow Spank Records and Bang Gang 12 Inches open the gates on a killer remix competition for Aussie producers. The best remix of Damn Arms' latest release 'Destination' wins a shitload of prizes plus has the track released on BG12". Inspect here for more deets and get cracking.

I've got a double pass to Hugs to give away to the first person who emails me answering this brain bending question: "What is your name?" Good luck.

Been treating my ears to the new In Flagranti album which is smoking hot. I'm not a particularly evil guy so I won't post any - sorry - but as a consolation prize enjoy an edit from their latest release on RVNG, a great record which you should buy buy buy! This tune is a nice glammy funked up nursery rhyme (Star Light, Star Bright) designed for some serious disco moves and daring hairdos.

Petite Storm - Stahl Rig

This edit by Loud Minority Radio is also pretty class. At first I'm thinking funky afro-rocking detective who always saves the day wearing colourful flares and a lass on each shoulder. Then throw some vocals in and it becomes a boot wearing power-woman respect drive. Again super retro, super snazzy. Loves it!

Patti Jo - Make Me Believe In You (Loud Minority Radio Edit)

I know I've posted the Prins Thomas miks of this big choon, but it's good enough / I'm lazy enough to put the original up too. It's a bit more full on, more stuff going on but still got that huge driving bass groove and percussion that forces you to fidget. I'm not sure why I haven't looked into more Force of Nature stuff actually... Go investigate!

Force of Nature - To The Brain

If you're in the mood for something a bit different, check out this awesome African disco set that was posted on Alain Finkielkrautrock. While some of the 'mixing' leaves a pretty nasty taste in my mouth, the music is just delightful. I have to admit I'm not really an African music aficionado (shocked?) and I honestly am not too sure when some of these songs would have been recorded. They mostly sound quite 70s but that's just my weak guess. Anyway, I highly recommend giving it a go!

Mike Simonetti - African Connection

OK have to go, tata.


Saint Malo said...

Kiyoshi quit?

andy webb said...

Kevo said...

Found the site a couple weeks ago and really enjoying it! Bar none, the most consistently pleasing selections I've found. Great stuff!

herman said...

Hey Andy,

That Patti Jo track is amazing, thanks for sharing it!

Grtz from the Netherlands

Luke said...

thanks for the tip on the African Connection mix. sweeet!

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