Wednesday, 1 April 2009

This Is A Totally Legitimate Post

I'm starting to look back at my listening career in music and for the first time I think I'm really gaining some perspective on everything. Have you ever had one of those moments in your life where you've taken a look around and said 'wait a sec, how the fuck did i get here?' I had another listen to The Rose by The Laughing Light of Plenty (my favourite track of last year) and realised I've gone completely off the rails. Why do I keep listening to boring repetitive mindless feelingless music? Where did I go wrong?

So I endeavored to trace things back to a point where I WAS listening to real quality music. Stuff that not every average idiot could comprehend or enjoy on the level of intellectually gifted people like myself. I was, in fact, surprised to find just how long ago it was when this kind of music was a big part of my life. To be exact, this was when I was the ripe old age of 12. Without further ado, allow me to present one of the finest reminders of my golden years: the megamix from genius Nick Skitz's sixth fantastic Skitzmix release.

Nick Skitz - Skitzmix 6 Megamix

Oh and did you hear that Daft Punk something something something something new album with Bill Clinton on sax something something nu-jazz-metal-rave-classical-core? It should really be something.

Wank wank wank OK go prank somebody now, the crueler the better. Have a nice day.


ThierryG said...

I like the spirit of your last post a lot.

Well, I think I like all of your blog, actually. The only one I linked to our blog so far, where you might find an echo to what you wrote today:

Unfortunately, it's in french, but the idea is basically the same: we love music, we definitely love soul & electronic music, but we try to stick to a point where we were REALLY listening to music, every minute of the day, instead of focusing only on the track-of-the-week-in-town.

Keep up the very good work, and thanks for all these good tracks and great photographs!

Kiyoshi said...

Who doesn't love chipmunk vocals?
Anyone living past 1997?


After this post, I feel like listening to Gigi d'Agostino for a few hours ~

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahah nice one...

Ioan said...

nice and funny.

Anonymous said...


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