Monday 6 April 2009

Just Some Suggestions

Just a quick heads up about goings on this weekend in Sydney this Easter weekend (sorry everyone else :( but you really should be living here.) Let's have a fun fun fun few days!

Thursday is Egg Hunt at Fringe Bar which does indeed include an egg hunt. Hott luneup with sterling locals Sleater Brockman, The Inappropriates, Mehow, Tyson and a handful of others. Email me your name, whoever's first gets a double freebie. Seriously, go see the Inappropriates (with MC Gaff E) and marvel at the extravagance. An excellent way to kick off the festivities!

Friday if you're really keen there's the Ladylux annual boat cruise with Carl Kennedy and Garry Todd. Personally I'll be recouping but the music and vibe should be great.

Saturday, HAHA Industries are putting on a warehouse party *somewhere* which can't be anything short of 'YESSSSSS'. Their night last year with Tim Sweeney was my best night out of 08, perhaps this will be a contender for 09? Keep an eye on the website, not sure when they're announcing the venue.

Sunday is We Had Parties which is the annual ridiculous mash of Purple Sneakers, Starfuckers, Hot Damn, Ro Sham Bo, etc etc etc. over about 800 rooms with 300 million people at the Exchange Hotel. Numbers may not be accurate but it's still a pretty massive party.

And for those of you who this post doesn't have any relevance to, here's a yummy easter egg apology. Be happy!

The Turtles - Happy Together (Wade Nichols Edit)

Have a lovely weekend all.


the jacks said...

thinking Sunday is going to be masssive, from memory its like only 20 bucks....get down there people is going to be crazy!!!!!!!

Ubbs said...

77 may or may not have Detboi come sunday (today)

andy webb said...

yuck. that would leave a pretty bad taste in my mouth..

Anonymous said...

hey wow thanks for putting ssssound on your blog list!
loving the blog as always! :)

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