Monday 22 June 2009

Magic Dragons

Believe me when I say Logo are going places. They're a relatively new duo, of which one half is Raoul7000 - the man responsible for one of the coolest disco edits I've heard to date and excellent blog-of-few-words. They've got the whole dark French thing going on, however it's expressed in a far more tasteful way than you might usually hear. They've only done half a dozen or so songs so far but I have big expectations of a broad range of inspired and quality music. Trust me!

Logo - La Vie Moderne

This Fitzcarraldo Variations track features on the mixtape below but I wanted to post it seperately because of its outstanding coolness. Found out about History Clock the other week; am floored. Fantasticly original edits (oxymoron?) which have plenty of quirk and plenty of flair. Really, try and get your hands on some of their releases and rock out. Such fun!

The Fitzcarraldo Variations - Gamma Model [buy]

Rather than go crazy with posting 3 million more tunes, I thought I might just do a little mixtape of some things that share a common mentality, however faint the connections might be. Allow me to present the Disco Delicious Choof Choof Disco Rock Boogie Jam Session Mixtape, hereafter abbreviated to Disco Rock Delight for the sake of character saving. Just a bunch of lovely psychedelic jams which don't really have much to do with disco aside from the editing artists involved (including the likes of Prins Thomas, Pilooski, Lexx and Joakim) but will perhaps appeal to the enlightened disco-going public. Gooood times.

Disco Delicious - Disco Rock Delight

Tracklisting in ze comments.


andy webb said...

1. Unknown Artist - Ooze (Prins Thomas Edit)
2. Champ's Boys Orchestra - Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix)
3. The Fitzcarraldo Variations - Gamma Model
4. John Miles - Stranger in the City (Pilooski Edit)
5. Howard Wales - Rendezvous With the Sun
6. CAN - Mother Sky (Pilooski Edit)
7. The Delicate Genius - Poppin' Pills Like A Maniac
8. J.J. Cale - Ride Me High (Joakim Edit)
9. The Impossible Dreamers - Spin (Betty Botox Edit)
10. The Andrew Allsgood Experience - Macho Wizard
11. Octet - Euro vs. Dollar (Pilooski Edit)
12. Black Sabbath - Symptoms of the Universe (Lexx Re-Edit)

groovypanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
groovypanda said...

some great tunes on that mix - would love to get hold of a copy of the first track

astrosonidoespacial said...

awsome sound. only few musicians uses this kind process for their instruments. obviously tube compressor at each instrument

Alliance Recording Studio said...

today you should discover a great studio

LOGO said...

thx andy for your support.

New tracks will comin soon...

cheers from sunny paris.

Anonymous said...

was this removed?? the link's not working..

Anonymous said...


none of the links are working.. something wrong with themegahole?

Jason said...

Holy smokes that LOGO track is hot! It's getting played at my next party for sure.

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