Saturday 12 September 2009

Peaking Duck

Well deserving of Picadilly's disco record of the week, this is an absolute gem of a remix by Brennan Green of a coolies 40 Thieves tune originally released on Permanent Vacation. This one grooves supremely. It has sex with the hottest women. It sets fire to even the dampest brick wall. It oozes cool as dense as dark matter. And so on. Qzen's smooth vocals perfectly match the rich hearty bass and slightly acidic (pH 5.5) synth line. Also my fave of the week. Yumsies! Out on Brennan's own Chinatown label.

40 Thieves - Don't Turn It Off (Brennan Green Mix) [buy]

Since laziness is becoming even more of a key theme on this run down old blog, I figure why not keep throwing in stuff that's been in my record box for a while to help fill in the gaps. Nitedog and Lovefingers' Blackdisco series has been fantastic thus far, offering some slightly obscure funky disco cuts for dancefloors to enjoy over four generously music-filled records. I particularly dig volume 3 - all three tracks are ripe for playing out with good results guaranteed. Love this spiffy party edit of Nitedog's, flaunting some durrrty long haired guitar (haha jokez), some uplifting plonky piano and some enthusiastic disco shouts. Fun music.

Bionic Boogie - Chains (Nitedog Anonstop Edit) [buy]

Although none of them have really grabbed me by the throat and slapped me about, I feel I should at least mention the recent-ish release of these best-of Disconet records - a popular DJ subscription service running from '77 through to 1990. All pretty stock standard stuff really; quality music but rarely audacious (or so I feel). So yeah, some of the finer picks have been reissued and you may or may not find them interesting. At the very least, you can't really go wrong with them - this remix of Love Attack is a perfect example. Who doesn't love Love Attack? Solid.

Ferrara - Love Attack (Disconet Remix) [buy]

Another song I've been very reluctant to post over the last... forever. So I'll just get rid of it and let the listening publique decide. I just really dislike the vocals on this track - aside from that it's a winner. From Eskimo's first Cosmic Balearic Beats compilation (of which the second volume is now out of the gates, can't wait to hear it!) this Lovelock track is a tasty spacey slowish chugging number which is stained with whimpy cry-baby lyrics that really just feel completely unnecessary. Instrumental please. Sorry if I'm being harsh... I do love the song. But yeah, check out the new collection here which, like its predecessor, promises to be an excellent album!

Lovelock - Don't Turn Away (From My Love) [buy]

Finally, the first hour of a truly spectacular 3hr set by Mark Seven at Horse Meat Disco some months ago which was a super limited bonus with his latest 12 from oki-ni. I just got this link from the djhistory forums so I hope I don't get in trouble :)! 60 solid minutes of incredible gay disco that, whether deep down inside or blatantly on the surface, everybody loves! Don't deny it. This is really special stuff. So is Mark's EP, Travelogue, which appears to have been selling like hot cakes all around the net. Seriously good music.

Mark Seven - A Salute to the Men of Vauxhall (Disc 1) [buy EP]

If you're in Sydney, come to World Bar tonight around 12! Everyone else, have a good weekend!


Unknown said...

Love the Brenna Green mix. Well done.

If you like epicly amazing disco mixes, well, then, you have to get your hands on the Dr. Dunks "How We Do In NYC" mix. The last four songs on that set, in particular, are refuckingdonkulus.

Unknown said...

i've really wanted to get my hands on that mix since it came out, although it's bit pricey.. i'll have to get around to it soon!

Anonymous said...

sweet blog, might want to consult your ph table though.

8.5 is alkaline man!


Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure the Lovelock vocals are purposely tongue in cheek.

andy webb said...

fucks sake that's terribly embarrassing. never posting on a brain-fried weekend again :(

as for the vox.. i realise it's not an attempt at a glorious explosion of poetry, but even the melody he sings is shocking. i don't see how the song benefits at all from having lyrics.

will have to post something new asap so everybody can forget about this humiliating post.

andy said...

wow love this stuff.


MKM said...

Couldn't agree more in regards to the vox on Lovelock. A proper inst. would be nice. It's similar to The Revenge's remix of Bliss's American Heart. The Boy George vocal is horrible, but the inst. kills it.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...
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