Tuesday 22 September 2009

You Kids...

Just quickly would like to do a little survey. I feel like I don't know anything about the people who read this lil' blog of mine.. I'm keen to know who buys what. How many of you guys buy records regularly? How about digital music? Maybe even those weird compact disc things, does anybody still buy those? How about nothing at all? Very curious to know the general spread. In particular, does anybody ever follow the 'buy' links and get physical copies of what's posted here? Comment away dear friends!

I've been treating these releases from Loft Records like Pokemon - I simply MUST catch them all. This plump disco edit by Jordan Fields is the B on one such record put out through the mysterious label. Mysterious as in I can't seem to find any proper information about them whatsoever. Is it actually a label? Is it some kind of mini-distributor? Yes their website is aesthetically gorgeous but a bit lacking on the content side of things. But back to the song: very simple and very effective - a beefy 2 bar bass/keys loop that swells and stews and leaves you on edge hungry for more. Can imagine this being dangerously good on the dfloor.

Rare Disco - Unreleased (Jordan Fields Re-Edit) [buy]

Also on said label/thing is this very cool Disco Aerobics record edited by one Tony Bozak DJ. Biiig funky disco with classic power-strings to command and motivate even the chubbiest of aerobics classes. No, not really, I don't see how this song has any place in a gymnasium. This is far better suited to colourful sequined flares and extravagant 60s synchronised dance moves under the disco ball. Brilliant record!

Disco Dance Demonstration - Latin Soul Hustle [buy]

For ages I totally forgot about DiscoEdits.com. Big mistake. The site's ever-so-generous caretaker Afro Jackson knows some fab music from some deep crates and knows how to edit it. It's all really high quality authentic stuff, a real gold mine for top shelf stuff you won't find elsewhere. Put the player on random, hit play and enjoy! I won't be neglecting AJ's lovely site again. Promise.

Sparque - Take Some Time (Afro Jackson's Short Edit)

This remix from Horse Meat Disco is certainly not what I expected. It's actually quite thumpy and deep with a few acidic moments. However it does retain a lot of the cute poppy charm of the Phenomenal Handclap Band original, which is nice. This is a big release! The Prins Thomas mix is great as well, and I expect Ilya Santana's will be a winner. Beatport is, as far as I know, the only place you can get the tracks at the moment, although (for me at least) they're territory restricted. Fuck it's ridiculous. Seems like they're actively trying to discourage people from buying music. Not going to spill a big rant just now, but it seriously pisses me off.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - You'll Disappear (Horse Meat Disco Remix)

Be good. Stay in school. Respect your elders. And all that. Hey who in Sydney wants to give me a cushy job?


James said...

I buy the occasional record, only if it's a tune I'm in love with, the rest is digital...and yes, I have followed a few of you're buy links...support the artists!

web d said...

i buy records every week.. mostly new disco releases from juno & some other stuff from discogs & ebay..
only bought a handful of albums digitally but im definitely warming to the idea, think ill grab milky ways this week!
cds now i only really buy if i cant get it digitally... i actually bought that tim sweeney rvng mix you recommended well over a month ago and im still waiting on it :(

andy webb said...

eek that's odd! everything i've ordered from RVNG has come pretty quick, if i remember correctly. maybe email them and ask about it.. :( sorry! promise it'll be worth the wait though.

Anonymous said...

I only buy older rarer releases on vinyl, and buy digital for everything new..

Anonymous said...

Shifting towards buying less but then on vinyl instead of M3 (though I do acquire the MP3's anyway through the numerous illegal sites).

I also buy compilation CD's of older stuff, a lot cheaper than hunting down the vinyl.

C$H said...

Hi, fan of your blog. I don't follow the "buy" link buy i do constantly buy either on Juno or Beatport. The thing is that those "restricted" tracks are a real pain and oftenly it pushes me to search those tracks by other means.
Keep up the great posting - all good all the time.
Hi from Mexico.

Zavala said...

hi andy..!!
been following ur blog for a while....love it..!!! i actually buy digital....would love to have the chance to buy vinyl....

Anonymous said...

I will not try to critic the "petite maison dans la prairie" tradition because I hate racism when he is simple

boe said...

hi mate
i buy from discogs for things you cant get digitally- old disco/funk/house...traxsource and stompy.com for new house ....and occasionally have to revert to that boxmp3.net for things unavailable either way!
thanks for the heads up on the trax you put up.

Almanac said...

Hey Andy,
Love the blog dude, never ceases to amaze me some of the stuff you dig up!
For purchasing digitally I usually use beatport or juno download. Wish I still used vinyl but sorry to say I stopped using it about 10 years ago... Didn't really know i'd be so massively into disco/nu-disco sounds further down the track, and it seems so much of the quality releases esp. edits and re-edits come out on vinyl. Kicking myself! hahaha. I actually buy a STACK of CD albums, but not so much electronic music, more indie rock/pop bands/artists, usually through amazon.co.uk, even with postage its cheaper than buying localy in Aus.
Keep up the good work mate and be sure to come and play down in Melbourne town some day.

Anonymous said...

I buy digital and vinyl. Mainly the rare things are on vinyl so thats what I get. A .wav is always cheaper for the same quality.
Speaking of quality, whats up with the 160kbps quality? I used to love and wait for each update of the blog when the songs were in 320

andy webb said...

yeah i've bumped down to 160 for most new/buyable music to try to encourage a bit of spending. posting stuff in 320 has always left a little bit of a guilty taste in my mouth so i fiiinally decided to shed a bit of that guilt. the idea of this blog is to hopefully promote some artists, not to just be another source of free music. i understand the change might lose the blog some readers but fingers crossed that it gets some extra dollars sent to the people who deserve it.

ThierryG said...

A quick look at my vinyl collection to notice that I've only bought (2d hand) old disco vinyls lately. As for recent tracks, I buy them online in mp3 format.
Traktor Scratch is so easy it leaves you lazy... ;-)

ThierryG said...

Forgot to say: I DID buy a vinyl I discovered here: House to House - Rushing to Paradise, an exquisite piece of a track that brings back the good old days.
+ thanks for promoting Afro Jackson; this guy has a lot of great & free edits for us all and deserves some 'word by mouth' (or whatever it's called in english!)

manowool said...

Hi Andy, just want to say that I too love the blog i'd have to say that its probably my favourite around at the mo simply because the stuff you post seems to fit my current tastes really well. I love the fact that you post a few tunes at regular intervals and that you give a bit of background about the artists and how you came across them.

As for me, I buy mainly digital releases as I prefer to DJ using cds. I do still buy vinyl but it tends to be stuff that I think won't get a digital release.

The main reason I do buy stuff and don't just download for free is that whenever possible I prefer wav files for playing out. If I really like a tune and can't get hold of it as a digital release I will play mp3s but if the tune is good enough for me to keep playing out I will always buy it as a wav eventually.

I do have stuff on mp3 player which I won't ever play out and therefore won't go the trouble of buying.

Another factor is availability. For example if you post a 160kps mp3 and the easiest and quickest way for me to own it is to buy it then I'll buy it. If I can't buy it there and then but with a bit of digging I can get it for free at 320kps I'm less likely to buy it in the future if its not something that really grabs me.

Having said that I do check online record and digital stores daily and once I'm introduced to a new artist I'm more likely to listen to soundclips of their new releases.

There's a long and rambling answer but hopefully it helps.Keep up the good work.

ponytail nights said...

I buy some CDs, particularly if I want to listen to it on my big ass hi fi. Otherwise I stick to mp3/4 format at at least 256. Sometimes I steal music, but 3/4 of the time I pay. I use blogs like this one, favorites lists (a la beatport) or good ol fashion record reviews (RA etc.) to find new music. I basically just follow the artists and labels I like and see what they're doing. Eskimo, Permanent Vacation, Whatever we Like, Tirk, etc.

On ocassion I'll buy vinyl if it's absolutely unavailable elsewhere or if I'm truly in love. I have a vintage Marantz turntable (1975) that does the trick.

I have a pair of CDJs at home that I never use. I mix with Traktor hooked up to an external mixer. I would never go back to the ones and twos. Progress my friend.

I know it doesn't sound as good as vinyl!

I send you songs occasionally, over email. But you've yet to blog one. This deeply, profoundly hurts me (in my heart) but I'll keep trying.

Excellent, go-to blog here. keep up the great work homes.

I live in Miami Florida USA.

ponytail nights said...

Btw, the Phenomenal Handclap Band (let's just get it over with: PHB) song is excellent, but I preferred the Ilya Santana remix. Check er out.

jonsocks said...

I'm solely a digital music man unless, as happens on occasion, beatport (or whatever) doesn't offer all the tracks you can get on CD - classic example being CD3 on the Kris Menace album. Or if I can't find the 320 version of tracks I have in lower quality (ended up paying £10 for the Freeform Five Misch Masch CD just for that of Elton John you posted)

I've got 2 Stanton CDJs gathering dust and now use a laptop and a Vestax VCI-300 with Serato Itch which I'm totally in love with.

Anonymous said...

still buy CD's .....mostly out of print or rare singles...prefer having some plastic at the least instead of 6 Megabytes for a dollar or two.

Out of print electronica and Funk Vinyl

....and then there's your blog !!!!!!

- fan from philly,USA

cant seem to sign in so will have to leave it anonymous

andy webb said...

midnighter - sorry mate! get such a ridiculous amount of stuff in my inbox it's incredibly hard to keep up and a lot of stuff slips through. if you use soundcloud that's far easier and guarantees i'll hear everything that comes in. the link is top right on the page, 'send me'

everyone else - thanks very much for the input. seems there's a pretty broad spread but mostly digital is the winner. good to hear plenty of people are still buying music they love, at least to some degree.

WE ARE said...

Yup, vinyl all the way. Thank you Phonica.

Unknown said...

I buy records regularly, whenever the student budget allows it. Live and study in Oslo, Norway. Work as a dj on the side.

giusan said...

I stopped buy cd's two years ago: after 20 years I decided there's no beauty in this object, so I returned to vinyl and bought a couple of technics. Now I feel better, I buy records of all genres (disco included) every two weeks.
But I'm a deejay too, and sometimes I can't bring with me one hundred kilos of vinyl, so I turn records in .wav files via computer and burn some cd (or put all in a pen-drive) so I can go around with a cd-bag only.
Thanks for your blog, great music!

vaporguy said...

Avid music consumer here. Buy vinyl occasionally, CDs and digital downloads more often these days. I don't typically follow the buy links. I live in a city where fortunately most of the stuff is available. Your site, tho, is a great chance to test drive some of the tunes before i actually purchase them, tho. Luv what u do, so thanks bigtime.

Greg said...

1. I buy vinyl when I'm sober and have a clear head...
2. I buy digital with my headphones on...
3. I download all the time and have a very trigger happy finger on the delete button - I would say I end up buying about 75% of my vinyl through listening to downloads...
4. I readily archive any downloads that I love and have a decent bitrate quality...
5. CDs? Well, I have a shed load of them, they just don't come out like the vinyl.


max said...

i download almost everything i own... illegally?
i question the presumptive "illegality" of the act or the legality it lacks or whatever... BUT...

I dj.. or at least I've been doing a gig and trying to be one for a few months now. i owe a lot to blogs like this one and others that I regularly mine to find new tracks and mixes to play/learn from. I also use a *super secret* tracker lol.

i'm pretty poor, and would honestly have to make choices between things like records/beatport downloads and food/cigarettes so, at some level, i really appreciate the service that so-called illegal blogs offer to those who are excluded from participating in this whole community.

i particularly appreciate when i can find a 320 - cuz i just straight up can't/won't play something i can't find "illegally". i'd like to think that what i do when i dj (or at least what many seem to do when djing) productively uses "illegally" distributed material to promote these artists in particular (and the scene that surrounds/sustains them).

I would like to think that if I continue to dj, and begin to make the kind of money that would sustain a record collection, then i would buy records. but for now, my capacity to dj depends on my ability to find files and information on the internet, for free.

for me, its really a question of whether the individual artists owe more to the scene that sustains them or if the scene (read: fans, djs who don't produce original material, clubs, etc...)- the scene is benefited at large from free, high-quality downloads. the scene sustains the artists as it grows. but if the scene doesn't actually the artists via concert/show tickets/album sales then it dies. its a really interesting dilemma for "nu.disco" / whateverthefuckyoucallwhatitiswealllistento.
i think this community has become much larger and has been enabled by free, high quality file sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm probably a bit late in replying to your survey, but for your info, you've given me the heads up on a few stuff that I've since bought from iTunes or 7digital which has a better sound quality. So a massive thanks for sending me in the right direction. Matty R.....

Anonymous said...

I bought heaps of vinyl for over 10 years but I rarely buy it now. Traktor has made mixing so easy (and I DO mix older non-constant-tempo tunes). I feel a bit guilty coz I don't purchase mp3 tracks online. Vinyl is definitely on the way down/out I am sorry to say. But it's always good to have a platter cued for when the digital goes kaput for whatever reason. Alfred Unroe

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