Sunday 27 September 2009

Death Strobe

So my friend Ash (Le Rouge) and I are starting up a little record label which I'm super excited about. Still in the early stages, but we're looking for submissions now. Deep dark indie party tribal disco - think any combination of those words, that's the vibe. Of course it makes things easier if you're in Sydney, but location won't be a reason to say no if the music is right. Email some music to info(at) Everything sent in will be listened to by both Ash and I. Woo!


Have had such a great week for finding music!! I should have waited a bit to mention Disconet - this latest release, Greatest Hits Vol. 4, I think is certainly an improvement on the other 3. Mainly because of the Fear Medley which I remember hearing in some set ages ago (was it a Horse Meat mix?) and really falling in love with. 14 minutes of totally pornographic disco. Yeah there are a couple of moments where it seems to just drift nowhere a bit, but for the most part this is hot hot music. And it's all worth it for the delicately subtle* sexual innuendo. Both tracks on the B side are alright, but Fear is the real reason to grab this record.

Easy Going - Fear Medley (Disconet Remix) [buy]

Clap Rules have produced yet another beauty here, which appears on Slow Motion Vol. 1. I'm so in love with their highly electronic yet really live sound. Basses popping and guitars twanging away over nasty sequencers, dreamy pads and cut up drums. With some rogue flute shoved in there for good measure. So desperate to see Fabrizio and his little crew doing this stuff on stage! Easily one of my top artists of the year, and I can only see them improving more and more. Bring on a second EP, enough of the single track teases!

Clap Rules - 123 cantyousee [buy]

Also should have held off on posting a version of Love Attack.. I never expected this would actually get released! Cosmo Vitelli played this edit of Love Attack when he was out a year or so ago and I was frothing over it. Sure, it's not WILDLY different to the original, and for good reason - it's hard to improve on something so classic. Still, this is my favourite adaptation of it. It's filled with those harsh cut loops that kinda polish it with dirt, if you get what I mean. Anyway, this is out on the latest I'm A Cliché release, Cliché Breaks 04, which is a fucking ripper, featuring edits from Richard Sen & Cazbee, Jacques Renault and Pierre Wax. That's proper value right there.

Cosmo Vitelli - Sex Attack [buy]

After a long wait, the next installment of Rvng of the Nrds has emerged from the shadows, this time with some fantastic tracks from Jackpot. The A side, Brief Encounter, is a beautifully edited high energy superfun disco treat. The other two tracks cover both light and dark synth heavy house infused nudisco. Very sad to hear that this will be the second last release in the series - mind you there's never going to be a shortage of top shelf quality music coming from the rad NY label/collective/whatever it is. As usual, this record is somewhat limited and truly is a MUST MUST MUST OWN.

Jackpot - Brief Encounter [buy]

By the way, thanks to all who replied to that last post!



garyN said...

Thanks, great stuff again. The Clap Rules.. well, Rules! Any chance of a post of their amazing Buio Omega in full, please.

Unknown said...

Very exciting. You've got all my support. Best of luck with the project mate!

andy webb said...

gary, i posted it a while ago but for some reason the upload went all wonky and it cut half the song off. it's been fixed though, grab it here -

James said...

LOVING Brief Encounter by Jackpot. He is on fire lately with Ragazza and Unos Dos Tres!


garyN said...

Andy, thanks. Much appreciated.

Paz said...

Is that Bongmist?

hageir said...

I think Jackpot is a Swedish trio..

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