Tuesday 15 September 2009

Prodigious Disco

Have been listening to Harvey's famed '98 Essential Mix plenty in these last sunny weeks, and every time remember how much I fucking adore this song. It really is classic beyond classic. I think I slightly prefer Larry's remix to the original 12" mix, since it's a bit better structured for the club and it seems a hair beefier. It's just one of those songs where every element is memorable and the whole thing comes together perfectly. Pretty much as good as it gets as far as I'm concerned.

Instant Funk - I Got My Mind Made Up (Larry Levan Remix)

This is an absolutely colossal beast of a track upped and slightly edited by Rolfski on his excellent Deep Disco Soundcloud group. 14-odd minutes of epic spacey psychedelic disco jam. The original is the work of supreme producer/writer Celso Valli, perhaps best known for his groundbreaking releases as Azoto. This Patrick Cowley remix is just insanely big, a total sweat-factory. Thank you Rolfski!

Tantra - The Hills of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley Remix)

YES YES YES In Flagranti's latest Sounds Superb re-edits record is out on Juno Download. This one is a bit more of a party edition than some of its predecessors. The first track, Leach Power, is the most fun of the three - saturated in that signature IF sort-of-humourous/ironic merry holiday vibe. Sorta sounds like The Clash turned 80s flamboyant synth rock. I think I read somewhere the 12" is out on the 18th (this Friday) but you can get it digitally as of yesterday. Not that it wasn't predictable, but it's another expert release.

Servo - Leach Power [buy]

This is an awesome little disco nibble released as a 7" on the minuscule NYC Sound Record/Japanese Import Record imprint, somehow affiliated with/stemming from Loft Records. From what I can gather, Yoshi Nakamura aka King Onkyo is some hip collector from Tokyo who has clearly delved into some deep crates. The A-side here just pops in from nowhere with some cute funky disco, agogos and cowbells blazing, funky bassline strutting. The B is great too! This is pretty limited so snag a copy while you can. More goodies from Loft on the way.

King Onkyo - Untitled [buy]

Got a bunch more brilliant tunes to let loose this week (hopefully) so get excited!


rolfski said...

Thanks for mentioning the Deep Disco Soundcloud dude, much appreciated.

Cheers, R.

Disco Lover said...

Txs for the best disco blog for all times folk!!!!

Obrigado desde o Brasil!

DelicadoVinilo said...

I Got My Mind Made Up by Instant Funk is the sample of Paris by Night by Disko Starz :^D

Paul said...

thanks I had forgotten how much I like I Got My Mind Made Up and for heads up on new in flagranti release

Denis said...

Can we change links with our new site http://electro-maniacs.net?

Anonymous said...

'Leach Power' is an edit of "Overpowered by Funk" by.. you guessed it... the Clash. Their Combat Rock record is criminally overlooked... except for the hit singles of course.

andy webb said...

ha! feel a bit silly for not knowing it was the clash. thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

tantra tune is the mutts nutts! as featured on danny howells in miami for gu (different mix tho!)

David Ballester said...

The Tantra mix is crazy!

Love your blog....

Cheers, Dave.

James said...

Love the Larry Levan edit of I Got My Mind Made Up, absolutly beautiful.

Really feeling the King Onkyo track as well.


giusan said...

King Onkyo made a good track, I bought it on juno last week. Great tracks, Andy, as usual.

ponytail nights said...

As usual thank you.

For my money though, the Idjut Boys version of that Tantra song is superior.

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