Thursday, 4 February 2010


EMERGENCY POST. This song is so fucking excruciatingly good I think I'm about to go into cardiac arrest - must share before calling an ambulance. This godlike Italian duo Elegante Orchestra released this single/EP back in November last year, I really had no idea such fantastic live big band disco was still being made, at least on this scale. This song has got it all: huge jazz horn hits, impossibly funky bass, dense webs of percussion, structure and arrangement that are to die for, and a whole lot of soul with an Arabian nights twist. I don't know how many people they've got playing in their band but only the two dudes, Marco Battistini and Marco Pretolani, are cited anywhere... I can offer no explanation for how it can be so good. February Fools Day? Dunno. Only posting a 160 of this, everybody must go buy several copies of this. I wouldn't feel comfortable without at least 4 backup CDs. The 'Original Version' is, as you would expect, just a cut down edition with some minor differences here and there but the DZ remix makes some far more significant changes, letting the percussion run absolutely fucking rampant, turning Prometeus into a tribal jazz explosion. ESSENTIAL. VITAL. CRUCIAL. DOOOOO ITTTTTT.

Elegante Orchestra - Prometeus (Extended Version)

Buy this shit NOW:
[iTunes] [Juno] [Juno Download] [TAMTAMSTUDIO]

Hospital time, ciao.


Anonymous said...

Wow - bought as soon as I heard. Cheers mate

andy webb said...

the DZ remix makes me so hard in the pants

ponytail nights said...

If you like this (and it appears you do, indeed), then I recommend this:

Mwandishi: The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings [Herbie Hancock]

andy webb said...

i'm a herbie fanatic but have to admit i've neglected his late 60s stuff a bit. i'll check it out for sure - thanks!

Almanac said...

Purchased purely on that recommendation alone... I am now waiting for the progress bar to complete so I can revel in it!

You may enjoy the above!

Anonymous said...

I guess I better get my ass into gear & purchase after wraps like that

an-D said...

Geez, you weren't kidding! kudos.

Unknown said...

Wowow.. That was SO sexual!

William said...


Marco Battistini said...

WOW!!! Thx to everyone that appreciate our music!!! We're much more inspired now!!!

Tam Tam Studio said...

Thank you 4 appreciate our music!

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