Wednesday 10 August 2022

Five tracks vol. 2

Hi m8s. I'm feeling VERY creative so I'll be creating some remarkably accurate sleeve reproductions to go with these posts, so DD is officially an art blog now too. 

Here are your tunes, put them in your ears and tell me what you think. 

Jah Wobble & The Edge - Hold On To Your Dreams

Ahh man, this has been a cherished tune of mine for such a long time. What a wacko cast on this mini album - you've got bass freak Jah Wobble, kraut master Holger Czukay and THE Edge (from U2, yes) with Francois K doing some drum programming. No Holger or Francois on this track, but Arthur Russell gets a writing credit for extra weirdo star power. Anyway, it's a magical jaunt that doesn't age. 

Arthur Adams - You've Got The Floor

Seems like this one's having a real go round the circuit at the moment, and why wouldn't it? Just a straight up mid-tempo disco classic with a fucking belter of a sax solo. Looks like the good Italian folks at Groovin are reissuing it soon, get those release notifications set. 

Sylvester - Give It Up (Don't Make Me Wait)

Why not double down on golden era saxophone disco? The embers are really glowing on this semi-overlooked Sylvester cut thanks to some disgustingly rude bass and sax shredding. Imagine Larry Levan thumping this one out on the Paradise Garage system, it must have been just heavenly. 

Kerri Chandler & Joe Claussell - Escravos de Jรณ (Robust Horns)

Ever since hearing it in a revoltingly lo-fi recording of an ancient Harvey set, I've long dreamed of starting a beachside set with this. A gift sent from the house gods, it's so densely filled with Joe Claussell's transcendently good vibes and uplifting percussion. That guitar comes in and it's amazing. Then the kick comes in and it's even more amazing. Ugh, total euphoria. 

Marlena Shaw - Loving You Was Like A Party

From a festival-grade opener to a slow-dancing late-night closer - the magnificent Marlena Shaw really nails this soulful, sentimental ballad. Very beautiful and very groovy, I love how the track keeps opening up and up. IT'S GOOD. 

Thanks, you can go back to doing whatever you were doing now. 

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