Tuesday 2 August 2022

Five tracks vol. 1

Ahoy mates, it's bloggy time. Before the music, can I just say that I tried this Kenji Lopez-Alt at-home al pastor recipe and it was SUPER good. Highly recommend if you have plenty of time for a food project and don't care that groceries are fucking expensive now. OK, on we go. 

Computer - Nobody Loves A Computer Because A Computer Does Not Dance

A looong time favourite that I don't think I ever shared on DD. This overly-indulgent French disco gem is a) over 14 minutes long for some reason, b) about a computer who wants to be in love or something, and c) uses all the right disco clich├ęs while managing to be totally off-the-wall unique. 1977 is the absolute sweet spot for me when it comes to disco, and it's because of tracks like this. Stupid and brilliant. 

Alphonse Mouzon - By All Means

Then we get to 1981 where, for my ears, a lot starts to go wrong. Not so here with this spectacular joint where the great Alphonse Mouzon is joined by Herbie Hancock and Freddie Hubbard for a total shredfest. Nobody holds back, Herbie especially, and even though the cheese is spread on thick, three of the all-time greats (and two other players who I'll admit I just dunno, sorri) blasting their chops steer it right. 'Do I Have To', a slower jam on this record, is also A+++. 

Dunkelziffer - This Is How You Came

Full credit to Hugh B's stellar Skylab Radio show Mornings From The Gonsch and guest Big Gus AKA James i.V for putting me onto this one. Semi-weirdo German funk rock that got a reissue on Emotional Rescue in 2013, this is one I've gone back to again and again over the past few months. Listen to Hubo's show each Friday for plenty of calming oddness. 

Joe Bataan - Ordinary Guy

Joe Bataan is best known on dance floors for Latin Lover, a RIPPER zesty Salsoul classic, but this melancholy, ballady groove is my favourite moment in his catalogue. It's sweet and sad and beautiful, but it's still rich with trickling jazz guitar, Afro-salsa feel and a gently berserk keys solo which I think Bataan played himself. Really good music. 

John Carroll Kirby - P64 By My Side

JCK's Septet album was easily one of my most listened records of last year, and this is the track that drew me in. Partly because I'm a huge sucker for vibraphone. It's got this deep, drunken sway that feels kinda nautical. I dunno, this is just a fucking good record of modern, electronic-touched jazz that gives me flavours of all the old music I really like. 

Thanks, love ya xo

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Brian said...

So glad you came back to blogging! Really loved that John Carroll Kirby track, I did a double take when I saw it came out in 2021