Tuesday 16 August 2022

Five tracks vol. 3

It's pretty amazing how shit Blogger is these days. Suppose it was always this shit, but it really hasn't been improved in the slightest in the 10ish years I've been off it. Anyone know how I can set up a subscribe-by-email situation with this archaic technology? 

Hey here are some pieces of music that I hope you like. 

The Valentine Brothers - Money's Too Tight (To Mention)

It was only a few years ago I discovered that Simply Red's version of Money's Too Tight was a cover. Fuckin hell the Valentine Bros original is red hot. Absolutely filthy groove that makes Simply Red sound like little baby music. Surely one of the sickest synth basslines ever too.

Alex - Flying High (You And I)

Plenty of people have heard of Alex's 1977 track I Gotta Feel Something thanks to folks like Floating Points (if you haven't, it's spectacular) but I only recently came across this beauty by the Polish-Norwegian singer. Same year, different album - it definitely sounds like something I might have heard in a Floaty P set. Short, sweet, snappy and fun. 

Robin Trower - I'm Out To Get You

I first heard this in the final episode of The Leftovers — one of the most incredible TV shows ever that also reintroduced me to this Black Keys masterpiece — and listened to it constantly for weeks after. A little bit spacey, a little bit dancefloor-friendly rock, it's a perfect package of an earworm bass hook, great vocals and killer guitar from Trower. 

Material - Ciquri

OK, if the Valentine Brothers tune is filthy, I suppose this is in full-on sewage territory. Some of Material's music is a bit hekkers for my taste, but their Secret Life compilation gathers up some pretty good stuff, and Ciquri takes the prize. The groove is so sludgy it's almost repulsive, and the guitar sounds like it was recorded in hell. Very, very, very good, but wear gumboots. 

Nação África - Camarão Orkestra

Favorite Recordings can be a tiny bit hit and miss for me, but the hits are big ones, and the catalogue is so extensive there are plenty of them. Case in point: this funky as hell Afro groove from 2020. Probably one of the songs that made me go buy a bass that I sold pretty quick because I didn't become crazy good at it within a month. Anyway, it's a jam.  

See you next week pals. 

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