Tuesday 30 August 2022

Five tracks vol. 5

I'll always have a tiny bit of regret that I gave this blog such a dogshit name. And it was especially stupid when all I was posting was DIRTY ELECTRO HOUSE BANGERS. But you can't be that mad at someone who was a little baby. What I can do is share some actual nice disco music to make amends. 

Norman Connors - Once I've Been There

It bursts out of the gates at full pelt with horns blaring and strings stringing, winding up a wild crescendo before dropping into one of the slickest mid-tempo disco grooves I know, filled with big band hits and ultra-funky, cruising verses. I just adore this record so much, and it hits so hard on a big system.

First Choice - Double Cross (Larry Levan Remix)

If I could have heard one record at the Paradise Garage, it may well be this one. Other versions of it don't work nearly as well - Larry arranged this mix to perfection, from the dramatic acapella > strings intro to the questionably chirpy early chorus/verses then launching into the real meat of the song, the phenomenally funky slap bass-driven dance floor nuke section. The first couple of minutes are a bit of a whirlwind and never hint at the gooey goodness at the centre.

Jaymz Bedford - Happy Music

It's sinfully repetitive, but I guess that's what dance music typically does, and I could listen to this squishy bass magic for eternity. This is the kind of tune you can imagine inspiring the birth of Popular People's Unlimited (is that label still a valid reference point?) and despite being recorded in 1981 it sounds absurdly fresh. Heavy chugging electronic funk with a happy message.

Alex Rodriguez - El Mercardo

You just don't hear enough '70s Latin American jazz-funk fusion that features thundering timpanis. Pretty cowardly, really. This stunning nugget by Venezuelan guitarist Alex Rodriguez (who only has one solo album to his name, sadface) manages to hang onto plenty of South American sauciness while still being an all-out, high-octane shredfest. Must have been a bonkers session to sit in on.

Poncho C. Saint Fingers - When I Come Knocking

I think I may have already given a nod to Andy Hart's ripper RA podcast recently, and either way there's more to come. I fell in love with this track instantly with its wobbling bassline and silky smooth boogie vibe. Another sad one-off, Poncho C. Saint Fingers (sick name) seemingly only released the one 7-inch in 1980. Why do that :(

Thank you for indulging me. 

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