Wednesday 2 May 2007

I've Finally Found You!

At long last I've found a couple of tracks that I've been hunting for ages, and so a wave of satisfaction comes over me. Not new tracks, just tunes I've been unlucky enough not to find for about 100 years. Anyway..

MBG & SDS - New Jack (Steve Angello Remix) [alt link]

After hearing it late last year in one of Justice's sets, I craved and craved until I reached the limit of craving and had to be hit by a car to take my mind off it. Perhaps not that extreme, but it's a seriously bangin' track that if only I had listened to my copy of Steve Angello Sessions again I would have found. Anything with vocals edited into a funky rhythm and I'm sold.

SebastiAn - Walkman (Re-Edit) [alt link]

Again, this was played in sets by Justice and by Sebastian & Kavinsky when they were out here. In my starstruck dumbfounded state I forgot to ask what the version was, and from then on was doomed to walk the earth cold and alone.

And a little cherry on top - another Switch mix (how predictable) winter warmer that I've been listening to a lot. Love the vocal sample!

Mika - Love Today (Switch Remix) [alt link]


Of Course said...

the kanye artwork by so-me, is it real? for a real song? i've never seen nor heard anything else like that

Oleg said...

Oh boy! these are really great tracks, thanks!

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