Wednesday 16 May 2007


There's no denying that Melbourne's ZZZ has very quickly achieved quite a bit of e-ttention, and for good reason. I love his 'Signature' remix especially, and I'm looking forward to an official release of his work on Beats For Beginners' track 'Laser Beams' which you can listen to on his MySpace. ZZZ is one to look out for in the coming months, and keep an eye on his side project Onira too.

DJ Mehdi - Signature (ZZZ Remix) [alt link]

And what would a blog be without some Klaxons? I felt sure I had posted Kavinsky's remix of Gravity's Rainbow (a close call for the "way too many remixes" award, against it's rival D.A.N.C.E.) a week ago, but apparently not so here it is. It's more vanilla than most of the other remixes, but that's not a bad thing - K has kept it simple with his trademark high-flying synths. At least it shows he has potential in the remix game. Also, wet your whistle to the Guns'N'Bombs remix of the same number, a great heavy club banger.

Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Kavinsky Remix) [alt link]
Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Guns'N'Bombs Freakout Remix) [alt link]