Monday 8 June 2009


Have been listening to some great compilations this past week which are bobbing my yacht big time. At last got my hands on some of the old Dirty cds which I've been after for ages and they're magnificent. Dirty Space Disco especially, and the first track Atlantis is a good indication of why. The track is utterly sublime, like an underwater disco in space. If such a place exists. Larry Levan's remix off the first Dirty Diamonds album is saturated in hip jumpy energy - it's heaps of fun! If you can find a copy of either of these fab compact discs definitely snatch them up.

John Forde - Atlantis

Grace Jones - Pull Up The Bumper (Larry Levan Garage Mix)

Morgan Geist's collection of "obscure electronic funk and disco", Unclassics, is a pretty solid piece of plastic as well. This track by Discotheque is one of the more conventional sounding tracks - I could have posted something more interesting but I'm a sucker for the disco claps. All the music is from 1978 - 85 so none of it is really in what you might call a 'safe zone', but that's half the fun. Yeah, check this one out too.

Discotheque - Disco Special

After Dark, a comp put out by Italians Do It Better, is another I've been getting into which is more on the laid back airy side. This Glass Candy track especially works for me.. The glammy dramatic strings, the irritating whiny girl vocals, the funky rolling bassline.

Glass Candy - Miss Broadway

I was going to post something from the upcoming Full Pupp greatest hits album but in the end couldn't really justify it with any of the tracks. I find the label is really hit and miss, and most of the good stuff is from Prins Thomas anyway. His other artists really aren't making particularly groundbreaking music... So for the sake of filling this gap, cop this gem instead. Beautiful epic disco by French band Martin Circus.

Martin Circus - Disco Circus

The end.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for those dirty cds for aaages...where did you get yours?

tropical said...

I like the Jarle Brathen track on the Greatest Tits comp (PT mix)

Anonymous said...

Amazing site, amazing sound ! i love it !
I'm french and i invit you to visit my blog, it's disco/funk/electro.

I do a broadcast on a local radio in Besançon, France.

Long life to your site.

Guy Googly said...

Cant seem to dowload entire files, or is it just me?
Great work - keep it up.

andy webb said...

sometimes my server goes a bit wobbly... try again later and see if it works. pretty certain all the files are fine, it just happens from time to time.

Anonymous said...

ehehe, very nice, pilooskis edits are superb.
just heard his craaazy edit of findlay brown's cover of 'promised land', seems to be 'old' (2008) but it is so good, maybe something to feature.

dalston shopper said...

that Rahaan is a nice find!

Anonymous said...

you know miss broadway is a cover right?!?!?!?
Great song but...................

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