Wednesday 3 June 2009

Love Has Come Around

Sorry all, have had a pretty lazy week. Have found so many amazing tunes though! Feels so good to hit the jackpot every once in a while. I'm so glad I've found this music to share to you wonderful internet surfing people/robots. Still feeling lazy so wording will be kept to a minimum.

Moxie put out amazing records. They are amazing. Some of them are particularly amazing. This is one of them. Bassline bassline bassline. Really old school groove, lots of bass, hot percussion, wakka wakka guitar, super compressed girly vocal crooning her 'baby'. All the necessary elements for quality funky disco.

Moxie - Karnemelk

Picked up the latest Future Classic release the other day. I looove it when the B2 track ends up being my favourite! Azul Blue is so awesome.. A light jazzy vamp gets bitch slapped about by a thick throaty acid line. Also, djhistory's Tele Music Remixed compilation only came to my attention the other day after about a year of sneaking under my radar. Unbelievably quality release. This Toby Tobias mix is pretty galactic, fairly funky and a tad glammy. Groovy stuff.

Toby Tobias - Azul Blue

Tele Music - Phantom Rock (Toby Tobias Mix)

Also on that release are these two gems. Thank god Meteor One got edited into a playable song - have been waiting yonks for that. Beautifully done by Bonar Bradberry! And naturally the Prins Thomas edit is pure Norwegian gold. Go grab this release if you can, it's seriously packed with beautiful music.

Arpadys - Meteor One (Bonar Bradberry Edit)

Tele Music - Black Cars (Prins Thomas Edit)

I don't understand myself.. I don't understand why I never bothered to listen to the original of this song. I don't know why I assumed that the Special Disco Version edit had to be 10 times better and it wouldn't be worth my time hearing this. Late is marginally better than never though. Thank god I came to my senses because this is so so so much better.

Donald Byrd & 125th St, NYC - Love Has Come Around

So much more music to come! Excited!


Anonymous said...

re Moxie - Karnemelk. there's another version of the groove that you gotta get! v similar to the moxie but more pumped up - i've played both versions out for many years, and this one always wins hands down!
can't rip it for you tho - my copy is scratched to f**k!


tropical said...

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awesome stuff dude

Anonymous said...

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