Wednesday 17 June 2009


Have been sick as a dog for the past week and am finally getting better so letz celebr8 with sum cool traxx k? Have sifted through a bunch of excellent music and have come up with what is a bit of a mega post compared to recent Disco Delish bloggings. Lots of very interesting and lovely music here.

DJ Harvey's Black Cock edits from the 90s - the pioneer of the disco edit craze - are still some of the hippest records out. Some are pretty topsy turvy and whacked out, which is cool, but my fave is definitely still the first, No Way Back. It grooves and burns and rolls like a flaming disco cylinder on a steep hill. All of the Black Cock records were reissued this year so you can get them on fresh wax at tasty prices. Don't miss the opportunity!

Black Cock - No Way Back [buy]

Also amongst the disco edits greatness is Betty Botox, who until only a week ago I had no idea was JD Twitch from Optimo. AND I had no idea half of Naum Gabo was Johnnie Wilkes from Optimo! I didn't even know it was two guys. Fucks sake they're busy bees. The Betty Botox edits are instant classics and I realised recently there are more than I had first thought. This is one of my faves, because I'm a sucker for that housey piano sound.

Betty Botox - Back to the Piano Magic [buy]

Discovered these H-Track edits a few days ago and golly I'm stoked! Excellent disco cuts on both records released by the awesome online radio station. There's a beautiful selection of different kinds of mixes and stuff including guest mixes from Prins Thomas, Greg Wilson, Todd Terje, Soft Rocks and Pete Herbert! I'm waiting on edits 'disk 1' to arrive to see if they're responsible for the edit of Punkin' Machine's 'I Need You Tonight' which James Murphy/Pat Mahoney used on their Fabriclive mix. HOPE SO.

H-Track - Can't Fake the Feeling [buy]

The Delicate Genius' newish self titled 12" on Aussie label Hole In The Sky has a lot to offer in just 4 tracks. Dunno why but this tune keeps making me think it's going to bust into Work For Love by Ministry. Expertly produced and drenched in original flair, each song seems to have a really clear vision of what it wants to be and is executed perfectly. Check it out for a nice change of scenery!

The Delicate Genius - Pocket Soccer [buy]

I haven't known of Vegard Wolf Dyvik by his new (but real) name or his former moniker Lil'Wolf until his first release on Rong which came out a few weeks ago. I'm clueless but he's alllll the rage in his home country Norway and has made a pretty substantial impact in the techno realm. This track is the dreamier of the three, rising slowly from some tribes in the electronic rainforest up to fluffy cloud city. Pretty.

Vegard Wolf Dyvik - One Of Us Don't Get It [buy]

Georges Vert has a really great refreshing sound. His first EP, Freak D'Espace is another of these pretty little records brimming with lovely sound. And the packaging is all shiny and fancy and cool so bonus points there. This tune is nice lush deep nu disco to get you sinking deep into your lounge. I don't quite get why both the A side tracks are remixes by other people but they're quality. Track it down.

Georges Vert - Garden of Lies [buy]

Been trying to get my hands on a digital copy of 40 Thieves' Beats In Space EP to no avail, so this space is left blank. Anybody know if it's available or if it'll happen? I'm spending more than i can afford on records, need to control myself.


Last but not least, The Popular People's Front produce a hot hot hot version of a tune I heard for the first time recently on Dirty Space Disco. This one is way upbeat and jammin, and just gets funkier as it goes on. Lurve when the gee-tar rocks on in and rogue synths start busting out all over the shop. PARTIE YO.

The Popular People's Front - Showtime

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Greg said...

really an amazing post, plus you made me discover h-track radio which is awesome, thank you man :):):)

clstrfcuk said...

shir khan over at berlin battery posted a betty botox remix like half a year ago.
any chance you got more of them? my laptop got stolen so it's gone...
great post,
cheers, michael

Destro is Dusted said...

sweet post! like all the trax....keep up the fine digging and sharing.
love from Toronto!

Anonymous said...

thanks for that black cock track, so good!

Anonymous said...

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