Friday 26 June 2009


Some yummy records arrived on my doorstep the other day which I'm all excited about. Among them was a copy of this killer Was (Not Was) tune which I first encountered on James & Pat's Fabriclive. Don't need to say anything more, it's a fucking killer fun track!

Was (Not Was) - Tell Me That I'm Dreaming (Traditional Remixed Version)

I've been feverishly hunting the track Woman by John Forde to no avail and there is no fucking way that buying the record is a financial possibility for me. Bummer... Don't suppose anybody's got even a hint of what it sounds like, do they? I'm so curious about John Forde and why he made (or released) such a small amount of music. His songs are gorgeous melodic spacey pop disco which send me soaring to a spacey land of lollipops and unicorns and colourful twinkling stars. How delightfully camp. And the lead synth he uses makes me crumble every time, fuck it sounds magnificent. This one is a touch more down to earth but still nice and dreamy.

John Forde - Don't You Know Who Did It

Discovered Sci-Fi Pogo through author Michele's mix for Disco Outcasts. Such an awesome blog! The posts are few and far between but it's all solid gold and there's a lot of stuff I wouldn't expect to find anywhere else. These are a couple of my faves. Somehow I missed this Escort remix when it came out last year and doubly missed the excellent Pete Herbert edit. Great tune. The Andrew Allsgood edit is classic soulful strutty funk. Check out Michele's mix and blog!

Walter Meego - Forever (Escort Remix - Pete Herbert Edit)

Slave - You Can Slide With Me 'Til Morning (Andrew Allsgood Edit)

These Leo Zero re-edits are really interesting and cool. This one in particular caught my attention - HUGE sound. Like, gigantic. Epic. Monstrous tumbling drums and deep 80s synths exploding in an almost stupidly dramatic fashion. This is POWER MUSIC.

Leo Zero - Strange Re-Arrange [buy]


Down Beat Electro said...

Been looking for andrew allsgood everywhere ever since I heard his mix with steve yanko, which was like THE BEST thing my ears have ever heard!

groovypanda said...

andy webb said...

unfortunately that's don't you know who did it, not woman. have seen it mislabeled a bit around the place.. bummer!

groovypanda said...

My bad, u/l the wrong file. I think you'll find this is what you're looking for ;):

Diego said...

Hi, First I have to say is that your blog blow me away! I check it every week.
But since I listened to your mixtape "Disco Rock Delight" I felt quite identified with the sound of it cause something like 2 months ago I recorded a mix wich sounds a bit similar. I'm not a professional, just make mixes for fun but maybe you would like to listen to.

I titled it "spacerock":
If you liked it you can send me a mail for the playlist (
Greetings from Burgos(Spain)

Anonymous said...

This was possibly the greatest post in the history of the blog. I love all the tracks. Not like, but LOVE! Keep it up

Unknown said...

thank you so very very much you groovy panda you! much less spacey than his other songs, interesting.

thank you other guys for the kind words :) looking forward to giving the mix a listen diego.

Unknown said...

Ehy Andy,
thank you so much for spreading so much my blog!

love your mix!

rock on,

Anonymous said...
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chenzhen said...
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Unknown said...

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