Sunday 14 June 2009

It's Sunday.

Bit of a post for the sake of posting here.. Need to try and get the post rate up, but don't want to compromise by sharing stuff that isn't A-grade. Anyway, this remix of Crazy P's latest single (is that correct?) by band member Hot Toddy would be A-grade if I could ignore the vocals. I guess they don't bother me that much but pop just generally irritates me. Aside from that, it's the usual funky summer sound you'd expect from both Crazy P. Perhaps this will be refreshing for you, perhaps it will be too stock standard. I reckon it's solid though.

Crazy P - Stop Space Return (Hot Toddy Mix)

12-odd minute disco epic here from Rahaan. No idea when this track was actually made but it came out on a white label some time recently. Big retro disco sound which always works wonders! That's it really... Just a quality tune. This version seems to end a tiny bit early - my apologies - but you get the gist.

Rahaan - Hit & Run

Here's where we get down to business. Recently picked up this obscenely good promo mix done by In Flagranti in 2004. It's hovering around my top 3 mixes of all time, I can't be any more precise than that. Packed with the usual overwhelming array of ill-defined and unlikely genres, their patented razor edge slap-in-the-face mixing, and the overall twisted humour you'd expect from Alex & Sasha. There are a few edits I'd violently shake a baby for, and some which have since been released on their '09 Sounds Superb edits album and RVNG 12". It's only in 128, but I don't think I'd be able to find a better copy no matter how hard I looked. Prepare yourself!

In Flagranti - A Decade of Hero Worship



Oskar Rough said...

A Decade of Hero worship is amazing. Can't remember where I got it but I've got a splitted version with 30 tracks. Still 128 tho..

Anonymous said...'s definetly the latest single for the todd, and he hi-5's it hard!
rmx is very good compared to earlier remixes he did for crazy p3niz.
his incredible disco ep "slave to you" from 2006 is a must have.
as is the "super magick" album on paper rec.
toddy, i love you so much!

andy webb said...

yeah i had the split version too and just bounced it all to one track to make it easier to post. not that handy having it split when there's no tracklisting anyway..

i only really know hot toddy's sun science remix which is a song i loved years ago, but i don't know any of his originals - will check them out :)

Anonymous said...

A Decade of Hero Worship is pretty amazing, i'm not sure if i'm a fan of the sharp cut technique of mixing between tracks, but as it is carried out through the whole mix it works for me.

Oh and Hot Toddy is definately one of my all time favourites you should seek out Crazy P - Lady (Hot Toddy remix) and Hot Toddy - Mindtrip in my opinion they are his best pieces of work, the basslines on both are sublime.

Also completely off unrelated to the post... i'd just like to share my love for the justus kohncke remix of baxendale's i built this city... it's a good couple of years old but i think it's time people brought it back

Anonymous said...

crazy p rocks!


NEIL UPPPP said...

Unabomber dub of Stop Space Return is my choice from that release. Huge acid lines.

Bobby Hands said...

That Rahaan edit of Loletta Holloway is wicked!! Top stuff ..

mmjiaxin said...
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Anonymous said...
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