Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Delishcast 014

Ho hum. So after setting out to do a jazz-centric Delishcast with #12 and failing dismally thanks to a few drinks and a pitifully short attention span, I've set out to right the wrongs of the past and do this good and proper. Jazz was a really big part of my mid-to-late-to-post-puberty life - I was an aspiring jazz drummer who never had any chance of actually making it because practice is for pussies - and it's still a big passion of mine even if I don't really get to share it. I was going to get all radio-show-host on this one and babble over the tracks but figured that if that didn't ruin the listening experience the first time around it would definitely make repeat visits pretty miserable. So I'll scribble some commentary here instead and spare you all. Not that anybody still reads this blog anyway. Not that this blog still really exists. Please excuse me, I haven't had a drink in four weeks.


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1. Bugge Wesseltoft - Skog

Bugge has been one of my favourite artists on the planet for about a decade and his music has been something I've listened to consistently and constantly over the years while my tastes have jolted left and right. This opening track to the album Film'ing is really beautiful, Bugge really gets deep into atmospheric percussive stuff on the record and the overall quality of the recording and engineering is just amazing.

2. Soulstance - Lead The Way

This is a real nice Brazilian-flavoured cut from an Italian group released in 2006. A super slick mild-salsa groove which finds a great balance between old and nu. I especially dig the drummer, the ride really drives the song and gives off lots of good energy.

3. George Kawaguchi - Cantaloupe Island

I've always been very fond of this album of Herbie Hancock covers that Japanese drummer and bandleader George Kawaguchi did. Even though it's not the hottest playing or anything, his version of Cantaloupe Island is brimming with enthusiasm and positivity. I picture him playing this with a huge grin on his big round face.

4. Al Betts Sextet - Get Set

Sorry for the revolting quality of this rip but it's the best I could dig up of this funky library rarity from 1973. Please someone buy me this record.

5. Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue

Blue Note was definitely the label that influenced me the most in the jazz world and there are plenty of famous examples of why they were so awesome. Cool as you like, this Kenny Burrell hit was the first time I properly loved the guitar in jazz music.

6. Ahmad Jamal Trio - Poinciana

The drum groove in this 1958 live recording is just the fucking raddest thing on the planet. So gentle and understated and so fucking hip. Owwwwwwwwww YEP.

7. Art Pepper - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

This record Art Pepper did with Miles Davis' iconic rhythm section of the late '50s is just mental. Apparently he'd been on some epic heroin bender and had forgotten about the session until the day, then rocked up and somehow this came out. Philly Joe has always been one of my favourite drummers and as usual he's ridiculous on this.

8. Horace Silver - Song For My Father

Another Blue Note classic. Great melody, great players, a great session and just great music. Something I've always loved about jazz is that, generally speaking, the most well known artists and most popular records reached that level of popularity because they were simply the best, not because of marketing or trends or financial investment. This track was a hit because it totally rules.

9. Ino Hidefumi feat. Shigeru Suzuki - Cry Me A River

A really endearing Japanese version of the standard which is just really fun I guess.

10. Mario Biondi - This Is What You Are

I bought this record for the Opolopo remix on the flip, but turns out the original is where the real heat is. A catchy modern crooner with some nice solos - I'm a total sucker for trombones.

11. Willow Neilson Quartet - Oz Snooze

This was the band that my first, and most excellent, drums teacher Craig Simon was in and I always loved it. Willow's mixture of sweet and harsh timbres on the sax, and his tendency for dissonance (I'm not harmonically educated enough to know what's going on here) always interested me. Real tight group and, for me, very nostalgic.

12. Ben Webster - Soulville

Oh my god, get the fuck to a fireplace with a glass of port and listen to this immediately. The tone of Webster's sax is just leg-melting. So syrupy sweet and exquisitely controlled, this is an absolute masterpiece of laid back groovery.

13. Bugge Wesseltoft - Feel Good

More Bugge. From probably my all time favourite album, New Conception Of Jazz Live. Ahh it's beautiful.

14. Kidzen - Um Ah!

A very early release on Future Classic, this album is really killer future jazz crammed with choppy beats and samples from the Sydney talent. No idea if he's still around but I've always fantasised about seeing this stuff played live.

15. Quasimode - Last Nine Days

One of the more dramatic moments on this Neujazz CD compiled by Jazzanova a while back. A beautifully contoured piece which ends up being quite a journey.

16. Matthew Herbert - The Audience

The last cut from Bodily Functions, I just love this track and the way that, when the grand piano comes in, the whole thing blooms into this joyful presentation of colour after the cold and shadowy start.

17. Keith Jarrett Trio - Rider

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette are the best modern jazz trio in the world, even if Keith is a grumpy douche. End of story.

Direct link to mp3

There we go. Hope this hasn't been too dull. Love ya!


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